Leadership, Voice, and Agency

Connecting Founders is a Bangkok-based organization that supports women-led businesses in Thailand and across Southeast Asia. It runs a training and mentoring program for woman-led startups in Thailand, which connects seasoned businesswomen with young and aspiring...more

A community of over 30,000 women in Australia, the League of Extraordinary Women is a business association for women entrepreneurs. Membership benefits include access regular breakfast meetings with like-minded entrepreneurs and an annual Run the World conference,...more

The Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders (GWEL) Scorecard, sponsored by Dell Inc. and produced by ACG Inc., is a new data driven diagnostic tool that identifies the impediments to high impact female entrepreneurship and introduces actionable steps that can be taken to...more

In 2009, the Agency for SME Development was renamed the Enterprise Development Agency. It is housed under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and has three primary functions: (1)...more


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