Access to Markets

The Malay Chamber of Commerce was established in 1957. The chamber aims to support Malaysia’s business environment, including professionals and traders, at the state, national, and international levels. The chamber represents its members’ interests in business and trade...more

Based in Kuala Lumpur, NAWEM was founded in 1993 after participants in a 1990 National Symposium of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia expressed the need for such a group. It is the primary women’s business association of Malaysia and is multicultural. NAWEM says its...more

MOTIE aims to “build a creative economy, a new paradigm” that will increase job opportunities and support balanced economic growth among industries. To accomplish this, the ministry has the following priorities: (1) to promote “industrial convergence”; (2) to encourage a...more

Established in 1993, KOSBI is Korea’s only research institute dedicated to SMEs. Research findings contribute to the government’s development of SME...more

Launched in Korea in 2008 and based in Seoul, WWIEA was founded in partnership with 18 member economies. WWIE’s objective is to create a global network of women and to build a support system for women inventors and entrepreneurs. WWIEA provides opportunities for...more

Established in 1962, KBiz represents the interests of SMEs in Korea, supporting their growth and global competitiveness and promoting a supportive business environment. KBiz researches and analyzes constraints faced by SMEs, thus enabling the creation of informed policy...more

In 1999, the Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association was recognized under the “Women’s Business Ownership Supporting Law.” KWEA, based in Seoul, works to strengthen the competitiveness of female entrepreneurs, build their capacity to expand their businesses, and supports...more

A major group of shopping centers, supermarkets, and department stores owned by Wal-Mart Stores, Seiyu GK recently launched an Empowered by Women initiative. Beginning in 2014, the company solicited merchandise proposals specifically from women-owned suppliers. If chosen...more

Keidanren is Japan’s biggest and best-known business association, with a membership comprising 1,309 companies, 112 industrial associations, and 47 regional economic organizations. In 2013, Keidanren created a Committee on Gender Diversity “...more

BPW Japan is the domestic chapter of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW or BPW International) and serves 435 members in its 21 member clubs in five regions throughout the economy. BPW Japan develops the potential of its members through...more


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