Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia

The unifying organization for employers across Indonesia, APINDO was founded in 1952 to provide a forum for advocacy and discussion around employers’ issues, which include industrial relations and human resources management. APINDO is in Jakarta with representation in 26 provinces led by provincial boards and by 173 district boards. APINDO offers two types of memberships. A regular member is a business owned by an individual or partnership and which directly pays laborers in wages or other remuneration. An extraordinary member is a company directly registered on the Governing Council or the National and/or Provincial Leadership Council. APINDO’s Training Center researches labor issues, builds the capacity of industrial relations professionals, and focuses on human capital development. APINDO’s approach prioritizes women’s participation and empowerment. For example, APINDO has women members on its national board and cooperates closely with the Office of the Minister for Women’s Empowerment. Additionally, APINDO representatives participate in the working group for women workers at the national and provincial levels. Other APINDO activities include an Industrial Relations Certification Program (IRCP); an industrial relations specialist development program; and an international relations certification, among others. APINDO also promotes international cooperation. For example, its “Advancing Indonesia’s Civil Society in Trade and Investment” program, funded by the EU, aims to strengthen APINDO’s engagement in policy advocacy and making resolutions. APINDO also publishes bulletins, some of them on women’s issues such as Posisi Perempuandalam Program Pemberdayaan Ekonomi (The Position of Women in Economic Empowerment Programs).  In 2012, APINDO and ILO jointly published Employers’ Guidelines on Sexual Harassment at the Workplace.